Hi, I'm Rob!

Hardware hacker by day, design deliriant by night; I’m an electrical engineer with a passion for human-computer interaction, music, and rapid prototyping. I use my powers to build functional models of wild ideas for both myself and clients using hardware and software.

I hold a BEE in electrical engineering and a MS in computer engineering from University of Delaware, as well as a MS in Music Engineering Technology from University of Miami (Florida). I’m an avid runner, and my bicycle is my main mode of transportation year-round. In my spare time, I also enjoy creating rotoscopes and illustrations, reverse engineering electronic toys, and taking a break from screens by camping and hiking in the great outdoors.

  • University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
    MS in Music Engineering (2014)
  • University of Delaware, Newark, DE
    BEE in Electrical Engineering with a Physics Minor (2011)
    MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2012)
  • Senior Electrical Engineer (May '22 – Present)
    Sundberg-Ferar, Detroit, MI Rapid hardware prototyping Embedded hardware and firmware design Human-centered design and innovation
  • Senior II Electrical Engineer (Nov '20 – May '22)
    Bresslergroup / Delve, Philadelphia, PA Embedded hardware design Embedded firmware design Design for manufacturing
  • Senior Electrical Engineer / Designer (Sep '14 – Oct '20)
    IDEO, Chicago, IL Rapid hardware prototyping Embedded and front-end software design Human-centered design and innovation
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Aug '12 – May '14)
    University of Miami, Music Eng Dept, Coral Gables, FL Hardware and software Prototyping Webmaster and website design
  • User Experience Intern (Summer 2013 and 2014)
    Shure Inc., User Experience Dept, Niles, IL Hardware and firmware prototyping Analysis of device user interfaces for full product line Software protyping and design for upcoming device line
  • Co-Founder and Shop Manager (Oct '11 - Aug '12)
    Newark Bike Project, Non-Profit Bike Co-op, Newark, DE Head bike mechanic Designed brand identity and website
  • VLSI Contractor (Jun '11 – Aug '12)
    Chip Design Systems (CDS), Newark, DE VLSI design and layout Designed a chip to read in a pixel display Designed 8:1 mux and 1:8 demux chip
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Feb '09 – Aug '12)
    University of Delaware, Elec/Comp Eng Dept, Newark, DE 48 micron pitch VLSI design Created a 3-D head tracking system using Wiimotes PCB design and FPGA development
  • Engineering
    Prototyping Hardware Hacking Human-Centered Design
    PCB Design Wireless Comm Embedded Development
    Reverse Eng Digital Synth Design Human-Comp Interaction
  • Languages
    C, C++, Obj C HTML(5), CSS(3) Spanish (int)
    Assembly JavaScript Japanese (beg)
    Matlab Python
  • Other
    Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Bike Mechanic
  • 2nd Place - NSEC CTF, NorthSec (2022)
  • 4th Place - NSEC CTF, NorthSec (2021)
  • 5th Place - NSEC CTF, NorthSec (2020)
  • 3rd Place - Shellcon CTF, Shellcon (2019)
  • 1st Place - DerbyMUD CTF, Derbycon 9.0 (2019)
    Derbycon Black "Lifetime" Badge
  • 3rd Place - DerbyCTF, Derbycon 9.0 (2019)
  • 1st Place - DC Darknet 8, DEF CON 27 (2019)
  • 1st Place - Digerati's Atlas CTF, Thotcon 0xA (2019)
    Thotcon Gold "Lifetime" Badge
  • 2nd Place - Badge CTF, Thotcon 0x9 (2018)
  • Rehrig, R. (2014). Multidimensional Wave Field Synthesis Control Through Wireless Hardware (Master's Thesis). University of Miami, Miami, FL.
  • Ayers, A., Rehrig, R., Bennett, C., & Leider, C. (2013). PsychoMasker: An iOS Application for the Visualization of PsychoAcoustic Principles. In Audio Engineering Society Convention 135. Audio Engineering Society. [PDF]
  • Rehrig, R. (2012). Design and Development of a 2-Color Infrared Emitter Array System (Master's Thesis). University of Delaware, Newark, DE. [PDF]
  • Rehrig, R., Marks, J., Janansky, S., Aiello, L., Kiamilev, F., & Barner, K. (2010). Repurposing Commodity Hardware for use as Assistive Technologies. In Proceedings of RESNA 2010 Conference, International Symposium On Quality Of Life Technology. [PDF]
  • "Hacking Con Badges for Fun and Profit". DEF CON 27 Hardware Hacking Village, Las Vegas, NV (2019). [Abstract]
  • "Hacking Con Badges for Fun and Profit". Thotcon 0xA, Chicago, IL (2019). [Abstract]
  • "Ox Vox: Hacking Con Badges Before the Con". BSidesPDX 2017, Portland, OR (2017). [Presentation]
  • "PsychoMasker: An iOS Application for the Visualization of PsychoAcoustic Principles". Audio Engineering Society Convention 135, New York City, NY (2013). [Abstract]
  • "Repurposing Commodity Hardware for use as Assistive Technologies". RESNA 2010 Conference, Las Vegas, NV (2010).
  • "Viewer Army Visits WiiAssist Project". Featured on G4's Viewer Army segment. [Video]
  • "Hacking the Wiimote and Wii Fit to Help the Disabled". DEFCON 17, Las Vegas, NV (2009). [Abstract] [Presentation (alt)]
  • "Off the Shelf Security - Meeting Crime with an Open Source Mind". Shmoocon 5, Washington, D.C. (2009). [Abstract] [Presentation (alt)]
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