Rob Rehrig is a hardware hacker by day, and a design deliriant by night. His passion for art, music, and math have led him down to Miami, FL where he is currently working on his Masters in Music Engineering at the University of Miami. Rob is fascinated by human-computer-environment interaction and he is always looking for new ways to connect the physical world with the virtual one, especially through wireless sensor technology. Driven by his love for music, Rob entered engineering via the electrical and computer side, finding an appreciation for hardware and software prototyping along the way, and he is now applying that knowledge to audio interfacing. His current work involves developing multidimensional wireless (BLE) sensors for wave field synthesis interaction.

Rob also draws inspiration from his other passions: running, biking, origami, printing, and graphic design. He is often trying to find new ways to interact with common objects such as generating music based video game controller interaction or the motions made while riding a bicycle. He is a self-taught designer, and he enjoys spending free time drawing, illustrating, and printing.

In addition to studying, Rob has held critical research assistant roles at both University of Delaware and University of Miami. He has presented at numerous conferences such as DEFCON, AES, and Shmoocon, and has even featured on tech shows such as G4’s Attack of the Show. Fueled by curiosity, Rob hopes to eventually find a job involving human-computer interaction and hardware and software prototyping and design.

Full CV
  • University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
    MS in Music Engineering (Graduating May '14)
  • University of Delaware, Newark, DE
    BEE in Electrical Engineering with a Physics Minor (2011)
    MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2012)
    GPA: 3.935
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Aug '12 – Present)
    University of Miami, Music Eng Dept, Coral Gables, FL Hardware and software Prototyping Webmaster and website design
  • User Experience Intern (May '13 - Aug '13)
    Shure Inc., User Experience Dept, Niles, IL Analysis of device user interfaces for full product line Software protyping and design for upcoming device line
  • Co-Founder and Head Mechanic (Oct '11 - Aug '12)
    Newark Bike Project, Non-Profit Bike Co-op, Newark, DE Designed organization's logo and other graphics Designed organization's original website In charge of open shop mechanic work
  • VLSI Contractor (Jun '11 – Aug '12)
    Chip Design Systems (CDS), Newark, DE VLSI chip design Designed a chip to read in a pixel display 8:1 mux and 1:8 demux chip design
  • Research Assistant (Feb '09 – Aug '12)
    University of Delaware, Elec/Comp Eng Dept, Newark, DE 48 micron pitch VLSI design Created a 3-D head tracking system using Wiimotes PCB design and FPGA development
  • Engineering
    VLSI Design Analog Circuit Design Spatial Audio
    PCB Design Wireless Communication Machine Learning
    Prototyping Digital Synth Design Human-Comp Interaction
  • Languages
    C, C++, Obj C HTML(5), CSS(3) Spanish (int)
    Python JavaScript Japanese (beg)
  • Other
    Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Bike Mechanic
  • Ayers A., Rehrig R., Bennett C., & Leider, C. (2013, October). PsychoMasker: An iOS Application for the Visualization of PsychoAcoustic Principles. In Audio Engineering Society Convention 135. Audio Engineering Society. [PDF]
  • Rehrig R. (2012). Design and Development of a 2-Color Infrared Emitter Array System (Master's Thesis). University of Delaware, Newark, DE. [PDF]
  • Rehrig, R., Marks, J., Janansky, S., Aiello, L., Kiamilev, F., & Barner, K. (2010). Repurposing Commodity Hardware for use as Assistive Technologies. In Proceedings of RESNA 2010 Conference, International Symposium On Quality Of Life Technology. [PDF]
  • "PsychoMasker: An iOS Application for the Visualization of PsychoAcoustic Principles." Audio Engineering Society Convention 135, New York City, NY (2013). [Abstract]
  • "Repurposing Commodity Hardware for use as Assistive Technologies". RESNA 2010 Conference, Las Vegas, NV (2010).
  • "Viewer Army Visits WiiAssist Project". Featured on G4's Viewer Army segment. [Video]
  • "Hacking the Wiimote and Wii Fit to Help the Disabled". DEFCON 17, Las Vegas, NV (2009). [Abstract] [Presentation (alt)]
  • "Off the Shelf Security - Meeting Crime with an Open Source Mind". Shmoocon 5, Washington, D.C. (2009). [Abstract] [Presentation (alt)]
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